Winnsboro Gun Club

WGC is accepting applications for new members effective 9/1/2021.  Please print the application from this website and contact us at for current fees. 


Range rules require members to "prominantly display" membership card while on range property.  Ladies and uniformed law enforcement are exempted from this rule.  

The following instructors are in compliance with WGC rules and are offering LTC and NRA Classes as needed:

Doug Grantham Dallas PD (retired)             Wayne Scott - Major US AR (retired)

DPS Certified LTC & NRA Classes               DPS Certified Instructor #00010913

NRA Range Safety Officer                             NRA Range Safety Officer

Contact: Phone 214-502-4496                       NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Email:      Contact: Phone 903-243-7526


John B. Whitsell CDR USN (ret)

NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor

NRA certified Basic Rifle Instructor

NRA Women on Target


Phone:   817-875-7691



                                                  SCHEDULED EVENTS:

The Johnston Unit annual firearm re-qualifications are scheduled to
begin Thursday, September 2nd.  The Unit is requesting again for the use of the WGC range every Thursday morning until approximately 10:00 AM.  The rifle/pistol range and the lower trap/skeet field will be closed during these training activities.  The Johnston Unit controls the range during their qualifications and may operate outside normal WGC range rules. 


July 2, 2022   ***Wolf Chase***   9 AM

July 2, 2022    Standard 22 Silhouette  9:00 AM***

July 6, 2022   Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

July 7, 2022   Ladies Only Evening  4 PM 

July 13, 2022   Handgun Wednesday   8 AM 

July 14, 2022   Tactical Handgun  5 - 7 PM  Closed Range 

July 16, 2022    **Shotgun Saturday, 5-Stand, Wolf Chase**    9 AM

July 20, 2022   Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

July 21, 2022   Ladies Only Evening   4 PM

July 23, 2022    ***Long-Range 22 Rimfire Silhouette***  9 AM

July 27, 2022    Handgun Wednesday     8 AM

July 28, 2022    Tactical Handgun   5 - 7 PM  Closed Range

July 30, 2022    **Wolf Chase**    9 AM

                         LTC Class w/Chief Andy Chester 10:30-12:45

**Does Not Restrict Use of Other Ranges** 

***Lower Trap Field Closed***

August 3, 2022    Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

August 4, 2022    Ladies Only Evening    4 PM

August 6, 2022    **Wolf Chase**           9 AM

August 6, 2022   ***Standard 22 Silhouette    9:00 AM 

August 10, 2022   Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

August 11, 2022   Tactical Handgun  5 - 7 PM  Closed Range

August 17, 2022   Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

August 18, 2022    Ladies Only evening 4 PM

August 20, 2022    **Shotgun Saturday, 5-Stand, Wolf Chase**   9  AM+

August 24, 2022    Handgun Wednesday   8 AM

August 25, 2022    Tactical Handgun  5 - 7 PM  Closed Range
August 27, 2022     ***Long-Range 22 Rimfire Silhouette***  9 AM 

                               **Does Not Restrict Use of Other Ranges** 

                               ***Lower Trap Field Closed***

** Does Not Restrict Use of Other Ranges**

*** Lower Trap Field Closed During Silhouette Shoots

***WINNSBORO GUN CLUB .22 LONG RANGE (LR) MATCH to be held the fourth Saturday Monthly, Weather Permitting @ 8 am.
Shotgun Fields Closed During Silhouette Match

.22 Long Range is one of the fastest growing shooting sports . We will
be shooting .22 silhouette targets at 150 yds and 200 meters which
will challenge your shooting skills and equipment. Signup/Setup will
begin at 7:30am, shooting to begin as soon as practical around 8:00 am.
Entry fee is $5.00.

We will be shooting off benches or a prone mat if you prefer.
Two shooters will be shooting at a time, starting at 150 then 200.
Bench space will be limited. We will have two
AT THE RANGE. The following rules will apply; ALL WGC SAFETY
1. 22 Long Rifle only. Only one gun may be used unless a mechanical failure
2. Bipods and Sand bags Only as a front rest  A rear bag will be allowed.
No mechanical rests permitted
3. Only targets knocked over will be counted as hits. Targets must be shot left to right.
Targets shot out of order are counted as a miss.
4. Spotters/ Coaching is allowed.
5. Shooters will shoot 15 targets TBD @ 150 yds  and 15 targets to be
   determined @ 200 meters in 7 minutes.  Unlimited  sighters allowed
   at each distance within the time limit. Additional time may be allowed for mechanical/range issues.
6. We generally have a cold bore challenge, one shot at random distances.

Please contact David Griffith 903-790-7954 or Winnsboro Gun Club
903-569-7692 for information or questions
    NOTICE: Rifle & Pistol Range Closed During Scheduled Shotgun Saturday     ***Shotgun Fields Closed During Scheduled Silhouette Shoot


Informal "non-scheduled" shotgun events continue these times: Every Wednesday &

Friday morning (skeet), every Tuesday evening (trap), every Tuesday morning (5-stand).  These events do not restrict the use of other ranges.  Bring a shotgun and join in.