Winnsboro Gun Club



Range rules require members to "prominantly display" membership card while on range property.  Ladies and uniformed law enforcement are exempted from this rule.  

                                                  SCHEDULED EVENTS:

December 5, 2019    Ladies Only Evening   4 PM

December 7, 2019    Silhouette Shoot & Wolf Chase    9 AM
December 7, 2019    4-H Youth Silhouette Shoot    Noon
December 8, 2019    Shotgun (Trap, Skeet)    9 AM

December 12, 2019    Tactical Handgun    6 PM

December 19, 2019    Ladies Only evening    4 PM
December 21, 2019    **5-Stand, Wolf Chase, Benchrest**    9 AM
December 26, 2019   Tactical Handgun 6 PM
December 28, 2019   **Wolf Chase**    9 AM **

January 2, 2020    Ladies Only Evening    4 PM

January 4, 2020    Silhouette Shoot & Wolf Chase    9 AM
January 4, 2020    4-H Youth Silhouette Shoot    Noon
January 9, 2020    Tactical Handgun    6 PM

January 12, 2020    Shotgun (Trap and Skeet)    9 AM

January 12, 2020   High School Trap 1 PM until 3 PM

January 16, 2020    Ladies Only Evening    4 PM

January 18, 2020    **5-Stand, Wolf Chase**    9 AM
January 23, 2020    Tactical Handgun    6 PM 

January 26, 2020    High School Trap 1 PM until 3 P

** Does Not Restrict Use of Other Ranges**

NOTICE: Rifle & Pistol Range Closed During Scheduled Shotgun Sunday

              Shotgun Field is Closed During Scheduled Silhouette Shoot


Informal "non-scheduled" shotgun events continue these times: Every Wednesday & Friday morning (skeet), every Tuesday evening (trap), every Tuesday morning (5-stand).  These events do not restrict the use of other ranges.  Bring a shotgun and join in.


The Johnston Unit annual firearm re-qualifications are scheduled to
begin again September 1st, and will continue until May 2020.  The Unit is requesting again for the use of the WGC range on Thursday.  The Johnston Unit controls the range during their qualifications and may operate outside normal WGC range rules. 

The Johnston Unit staff would like to thank the Winnsboro Gun Club for the use of the range facilities.