Winnsboro Gun Club

Access to this facility is restricted to:

WGC members in good standing.

Invited WGC guests accompanied by a member.

GUESTS (As specified in our By-Laws)

Law Enforcemnet Officers are allowed access for training and practice.  All rules apply unless specifically notified in advance of "special circumstances" requiring a closed range.  Members will be notified by notice on home page. 

Use of WGC Range Facility by Certified Instructors:

The following rules will apply to all LTC or NRA instruction at the Club.

1. All certified instructors shall notify the board if they would like to be allowed to use our range for their classes.  Also, please notify us if you have a policy of liability insurance that covers your instruction.

2. Once approved, instructors are REQUIRED to notify the Chief Range Safety Officer (Doug Grantham) at least 7 days in advance of pending classes with the date, time and number of students attending. WGC will post those
classes on the website as notice to all WGC members.

3. A fee of $5.00 per student should be paid prior to the class. The $5.00 fee need not be paid for students who are members of the WGC.

4. Classes DO NOT have "right-of-way" and must report to the range master (if present) to arrange set-up.

5. Classes should act in accordance with all WGC Range Rules and accommodate WGC members using the range at all time.

Any member may be accompanied by an "in area guest" in the use of the Winnsboro Gun Club Shooting Range
a maximum of twice annually. An "in area guest" is defined to be any person other than members of the imediate
family residing within a radius of fifty (50) miles of Winnsboro, Texas who have not previously been members of
Any person who has previously been a member must renew his membership to be allowed back on the
premises if he resides within the 50 mile radius.


The general public only during special events or organized matches.

Shooting hours are from 8:OO AM to 9:30 pm 365 days per year.

Any violence, threat of violence, confrontation, or continuation of an unsafe practice will not be tolerated. 

Do not engage in serious arguments of any kind. Report any serious incidents with you or others to a Club Officer.

NOTE: Phone numbers for the club Officers and the Wood County Sheriff Department are posted in the covered range.


All members using the range, except ladies and law enforcement officers in uniform,  must have their card prominantly displayed on their person while on the range effective July 1 2016. 

Guests must be under the member's direct supervision at all times whether on the firing line or not. Do not allow guests to wander around on the range. The member is always directly responsible for the conduct of his guests, just as he is responsible for his own conduct. The member should explain WGC Safety Rules to his guests before bringing them to the range. Children should not be brought to the range unless they can be constantly supervised. We strongly suggest no more than three (3) guests per member.  Eye and ear protection are mandatory on all ranges.

Unauthorized use of the range by non-members or trespassers should be reported to a Club Officer or the Wood County Sheriff Department. Members have the right to politely request that unauthorized persons leave the range. The public is invited to attend all special events and organized competitions. Competitors participating in an organized match or special event who are not WGC members do not have access to, or use of ranges not being used in the event.

This is a volunteer organization.  All work is done by volunteers, such as emptying trash, range maintenance and running matches. Members are expected to help as much as possible. Work parties are scheduled at times as needed. Notification of Work Parties will be by NOTICE published on home page of our website.  Please check periodically and help maintain the range.

No Alcoholic beverages are allowed on WGC Property.


The last person to leave WGC MUST turn off all equipment, lights, and lock everything

Take care of all club property. Insure that you take precautions to not shoot target holders. Clean up your shooting residue, i.e. used targets, shell casings, soft drink containers. Keep our range clean.

Firing of fully automatic weapons is prohibited. Rapid firing of semi-automatic weapons is not allowed.  (See Range Specific Rules Below)


Be aware of what others are doing and where they are. Do not go forward of the firing line until it is safe and everyone acknowledges that it is safe.


See Range Specific Rules for additional information.

Eye and ear protection are mandatory on all ranges for all shooters, range officials, and spectators when shooting is in progress.

Do not shoot bottles, cans or any other target not originally intended to be used as a target.  Do not shoot any range equipment.

All ranges are under the control of a Range Master. This includes the firing line position and cease-fire breaks.

The first shooter on the range is the default Range Master if no club designated Range master is present.

Make sure that the range you wish to use is safe. Check the berm and remove any barricades, benches , target holders or tables from the firing and impact areas. Any damage to berm or any unsafe condition must be reported to a Club Officer.

The muzzle of all rifles and handguns must remain below the level of the top of the berm at all times while loaded or shooting. We do not want any possibility of a projectile leaving the range property.

If a gun doesn't shoot when you pull the trigger keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, Wait fifteen seconds in case of a delayed firing, and then unload the gun carefully. If you need assistance hold up your free arm while facing down range to ask the range officer for help.

Accidental discharge, dropping a firearm, breaking the ISO-degree line (not keeping the gunpointed down range), failure to remove the finger from the trigger guard except when actually firing at a target, shooter covering himself or others during gun handling, and elevating the muzzle above the berms are SERIOUS shooter errors and are violations of WGC range rules.



  1. None of the wooden target holders are to be moved farther than 25 yards from the firing line, and must be returned to within 10 yards of the firing line before leaving. The steel holders still on the range can be used past 25 yards.

  2. If you accidentally shoot one of the uprights or one of the clips, the entire holder should be removed from the firing line and placed in the asphalt area for repair.

  3. If you decide to intentionally shoot one of the uprights or clips, remove the holder from the firing line and place you name, phone number and address on the backer. We will contact you.

  4. Target backing board is available in the target shed.

Target frames must be returned to the proper place after use. Remove any shot up targets and trash and dispose of it in the trashcans provided.

Shooting at cans, bottles, telephone books or anything other than approved targets is not permitted..

Shooting at chairs, barricades, cinderblocks or other range equipment is prohibited.

Event sponsors may on occasion approve and shoot non-standard targets at their discretion.  Clean-up and clearing trash will be the responsibility of the event participants.



WGC operates as a cold range at all times: That means all firearms must be empty, have any magazine removed, and have the action open at all times except on the firing line.

Licensed Concealed Carry firearms excepted as long as concealed.

Long guns may be transported cased or uncased with action open and any magazine removed.

Handguns may only be transported anywhere on WGC property via holster with magazine out and hammer down, or in a shooters bag, box, pistol rug, or carrying case .

Handguns may NOT be carried exposed in your hand except on the firing line.

During matches or special shooting events, firearm handling or loading may begin only upon instruction from the Range Officer.



Observe the proper commands for the range. If you need to go down range request that the Range Master (RM) issue a cease fire when most shooters are at a convenient time to stop shooting. Upon the RM's determination that all weapons are safe and secure the RM will issue the command "All shooters stand up, move back behind the Shooting Line". Only when everyone is behind the line will the command, "CLEAR TO GO DOWN RANGE" will be issued. Do not handle firearms while anyone is down range. Do not even approach the shooting bench while people are down range. Do not make inappropriate comments about shooting or guns while someone is down range. When everyone has returned to the line the range master ask, "IS EVERYONE BACK?"; if so, the range master issues a "CLEAR TO FIRE?" before any handling of firearms.

Rapid firing of semiautomatic weapons is not allowed on this range to protect target frames and to reduce the chance of a projectile leaving the property. An exception to the rapid rife limitation is granted only to a scheduled organized event, such as a class, AND if all shooting is under the direction of an instructor or event range master.  For the purposes of this rule, "rapid fire" is defined as more than one shot per second.  

Firearms may not be handled when anyone is down-range. All firearms must be unloaded before anyone goes down-range. No one is to be seated at a shooting bench when someone is down range.

Shotgun Cartridges are prohibited on the Rifle/Pistol range

CLEAN UP YOUR SHOOTING DEBRIS before laving the range. Remove used targets, shells, or any other trash. Leave the range clean and ready for the next shooter.



The range has acquired steel targets for use in sponsored events  These targets are intended for a specific use as part of an inherently dangerous activity. They must be used in the intended manner ONLY and in direct compliance and accord with the below instructions:

REQUIRED SAFETY MEASURES for shooting steel targets:

  • Only WGC steel targets may be used.  Small swinging targets are permissable when placed at a minimum distance of 25 yards and at a height of no greater than three feet, 22 rimfire ONLY.
  • Always wear ear and wrap around eye protection
  • Always wear a baseball style hat with the brim down snugly against the top of your shooting glasses
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants are strongly recommended for shooters and others to reduce potential injury from lead and jacket particles.
  • Bullets create a splash cone of lead and jacketed particles after hitting steel targets that can travel greater than 20 yards for handguns and greater than 100 yards for rifles. Use of frangible ammunition is highly recommended.
  • Use only high quality ammunition:

Handgun velocity not to exceed 1,500 feet per second, Rifle velocity not to exceed 3,000 per second.

  • Recommended minimum distances is 40 yards for handguns, and 100 yards for rifles. 
  • Never shoot hardened, steel core, armor piercing ammunition, or shotgun slugs. Failure to follow these rules may result in serious personal injury, including death.



No shot size larger than #7'/2 on the trap or skeet range.

Keep your action open at all times when not on a shooting station.

WATCH YOUR MUZZLE.. .Keep it pointed down and forward at all times.

Do not load your gun until you are standing on the shooting station.

On the Skeet Range two shells may be loaded on all stations except station 8, where only one shell is allowed on High house and two on Low house. On the Trap Range, load only one shell for singles. Exceptions may be made on special games with the permission of all shooters on the squad.

Do not leave the shooting station until the gun is emptied and you have checked it.

Spectators must remain behind shooting stations at all times.

If a shotshell does not fire as expected (squib or very light charge), unload the gun and check to insure the barrel is unobstructed. An obstructed barrel may explode causing serious injury to those around him/her. Remove any obstruction and recheck barrel before reloading. Clearing of shotgun barrel obstructions may be done on the range with proper care that the barrel is pointed down range.

Do not use the skeet or trap machines unless you have been instructed in their proper use. Always disarm and turn off the Trap and Skeet Machines after using them.


Instruction is available on Friday and Wednesday mornings.

PICK UP YOUR HULLS. If you do not keep them, place them in the containers provided (plastic)near the field. Do not throw them into the burn barrels.


ln the event of any unsafe condition, CEASE FIRING IMMEDIATELY!!

Examples of unsafe firearm malfunctions:

Hammer follows slide to battery.

Firearm fires more than once for each pull of trigger.

Revolver excessive lead spitting

Any mechanical malfunction of a gun Do not use the firearm again until it has been repaired and returned to a safe condition.


Ammunition ruled unsafe by a Range Officer, Match Director or Club Official cannot be fired at WGC. This will include excessive pressure, split cases, repeated jams, and squib rounds that fail to exit the muzzle. Bullets that are stuck in the barrel must be removed under the supervision of a Range Officer or Match Director (if during a match), otherwise, in a safe area and direction so as not to endanger others. The use of any ammunition that damages match equipment is prohibited.

Any WGC member noticing a safety violation must politely inform the individual of the rule being violated and ask them to conform to WGC safety rules. If a serious violation, the Board should be notified of the name of the member and the infraction. If the violator continues to disobey WGC safety rules, a member may make a complaint to the Board for appropriate penalties. Penalties may include loss of range privileges or expulsion from Club membership. Enforcement authority and responsibility are assigned to the Board of Directors.


The Club is governed by a Board of Directors which has the authority to add, amend, or modify any of these rules. Members are responsible to read and understand the Range Rules periodically, defined as at least once each calender year. 

Any questions regarding Club rules or any unsafe condition of the range should be brought to the attention of the Board..


Doug Grantham, WGC Safety Officer